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This award-winning set is packed with standard and curved LEGO style Soft blocks, elements that make it easy for children to develop physical skills and spatial awareness as they build life-sized figures, walls, towers, and obstacle courses. This set encourages exploration of space, shape, and colour while it also develops gross skills. Observe as children creatively set the scene and retell stories using these unique bricks.Key Learning Values• Developing gross manipulative and gross skills• Spatial awareness• Developing balancing, jumping, climbing, crawling skills• Cooperation and teamwork• Physical development



50 brightly coloured large Soft play building bricks which especially helps in learning and is fun to play with for the younger children, 2 x Soft play rockers shapes, 2 x Hoppers, 2 x Play tunnels, 2 x Caterpillar rockers, 2 x large soft play learning dice, 1 x Dino Slide, 2 x, Multi coloured unisex ride ons, 2 x Tri scooters, 1 x Triple seated submarine rocker, 1 x Pink mini trampoline, 1 x Blue mini trampoline, comes with mats for kids protection.

HIRE ME:  £135

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